Scientific integrity is a foundation of all our environmental science. This enables us to provide our customers with accurate and reliable data while maintaining our accreditations.

We place high emphasis on investing time and resources in achieving and retaining our accreditation and certification, which enable us to provide a wide range of targeted environmental studies.

GLP Accreditation

We have been GLP certified since 2016 with our most recent inspection in 2021.

Good Laboratory Practice or GLP is a quality system for research laboratories and organisations to ensure the consistency, reliability, and reproducibility, of data.  This includes pharmaceuticals (human and animal health) and agrochemicals and covers non-clinical safety tests; from physio-chemical properties through acute to chronic toxicity tests.

lab samples.

Radiological Permit

Scymaris maintains a Radiological Permit, issued by the UK Environment Agency, to enable us to conduct studies using radioactive materials such as ³H and ¹⁴C labelled test items. Our purpose-built laboratories permit the safe use of radiolabelled test items and test items with high hazard ratings.

To request a copy of our Radiological Permit, please fill out the contact form below.

laboratory study.

Home Office ASPA Licence

We offer a wide range of studies that are licenced under the Animals Scientific Procedures Act and we are inspected by the Home Office.


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