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We understand that all our clients have specific needs and that there isn’t always a one size fits all approach. Tell us about your regulatory, research or development challenge and we will work with you to find the solution.

careful analysis.

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Our Capabilities

Our highly integrated and experienced team works collaboratively, and has the expertise to design and execute a broad range of bespoke acute & chronic studies.  We have a proven ability to deliver high quality, GLP compliant, non-standard regulatory testing solutions. This includes the provision of novel study designs, target specific species and distinct environmental conditions, in freshwater, marine & sediment test systems.

  • Novel engineering solutions to deal with the most complex challenges. Contingent on the test species, our facility can supply vast quantities of test medium to a test rig. In excess of 250,000 Litres of test medium can be provided during a 28-day chronic study, (approximately 7000 Litres a day). This permits replacement of individual test vessels >250 times in a 24hour period. This is subject to the optimum parameters determined for a given test species. Typically this is determined as part of a dosing trial.

  • We have the technical expertise to guide the study design process, ensuring the most robust test systems and high quality data so that all study endpoints are met.

  • We have in-house sampling and analysis by a dedicated team of analytical chemists, supported with the latest analytical instrumentation and sample preparation equipment.

Bespoke studies

Our facility is equipped with direct access to abstract an unlimited supply of seawater, which is treated, held and delivered to testing laboratories via a dedicated plant room facility, maintained by our expert engineers and dedicated husbandry team. Our team has experience of culturing and supporting laboratory testing for acute and chronic end points..

Scymaris is able to source and house sea urchins and oysters to provide adult exposure data for a client as part of the environmental risk assessment for biocidal products used in aquaculture industry. 

Bespoke Study Examples:

Some recent examples of the following non-standard test species and test designs are:  

Environmental Risk Assessment for a Biocidal Product in a Marine Application.

Test species:  Sea urchin (Paracentrotus lividus) & the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas).

aquatic samples.

Novel Biodegradability Study For a Consumer Product: The Ready Biodegradability of Woven and Non-woven Wet Wipes in Aerated and Sealed Bottle Test Systems …Investigating (Miniature) Fatbergs.

Download the complete poster presentation here.


Bespoke Study Example: A Modified OECD 308 – Aerobic Transformation of a Biocide in an Aquatic Marine Sediment System at 9°C

A modified OECD 308 study was performed at a constant 9°C for 90 days to determine the amount and rate of degradation of a biocide at the more environmentally relevant temperature of 9°C, than the OECD 308 guideline temperature of 20°C.

laboratory study.


We can offer a wide range of study specific standard and non-standard species and study types.

If you cannot find the study, you need or require a bespoke study then please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you.