We offer high quality and cost-effective ecotoxicology, environmental fate, and analytical chemistry services to the global agrochemical, pharmaceutical, industrial chemicals & biocides industries.

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We are an innovative, responsive organization with a high degree of ownership by everyone for the success of our clients, placing direct communication with your study director at the heart of your project's success.

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Square metres of laboratory space with additional becoming available across 2024


Over 73 % of our staff occupy a scientific role, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in science.


Years as a research and regulatory testing laboratory, serving a variety of  Regulatory and Research needs across Ecotoxicology, Environmental Fate/ Metabolism & Biodegradation and Analytical Chemistry.


Regulatory studies on offer, covering OECD, OPPTS/OCSPP, ISO ECA and SANTE, and including Endocrine Disruption studies

Our facilities

Our extensive state of the art laboratory facilities are equipped with controlled temperature rooms, freshwater and seawater treatment and processing capabilities, controlled air-flow and conditioning, security and back-up systems to provide a comprehensive suite of capabilities.


We have state of the art facilities including in-house freshwater and seawater processing and management systems, controlled temperature rooms, high flow through rates. Direct access to clean seawater provides highly flexible and customizable resources for your research project.

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Environmental Fate

Our purpose-built controlled temperature (CT) rooms allow us to consistently maintain a wide range of constant temperatures (9-35°C)at ±1°C to accommodate stringent regulatory requirements. Studies can also be performed under controlled day/night and red-light facilities using radiolabelled (¹⁴C or ³H) or non-labelled compound. Radiolabelled studies are supported by radio-HPLC, radio-TLC or radio-LCMS as required by our integrated team of environmental fate scientists and mass spectrometry experts. 

Testing performed to OECD, OCSPP (OPPTS) and ISO guidelines.


Analytical Chemistry

All our GLP laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical instrumentation including Triple quadrupole mass spectrometers for maximum sensitivity for all molecular species in complex matrices.

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We can offer a wide range of study specific standard and non-standard species and study types.