Analytical Chemistry

Our analytical chemistry services are built on the recognition that method development and method validation are often the first steps in enabling and influencing subsequent testing. We understand the importance of both accuracy and timeliness in delivering these services.

laboratory study.

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Our Capabilities

Our analytical team has extensive experience, and has gained us an excellent reputation for understanding the importance of clear and timely communications with our customers throughout the lifecycle of their project.

Dose Verification

Our analytical team can provide analytical dose verification on all of the studies provided by our Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicology departments. Specially trained chemists are able to develop appropriate sampling methods and typically provide same day analysis of test samples. We have vast experience in supporting dosing trials and the experimental design of a test system to ensure that the best possible dosing methods, bio-availability and preservation of test concentrations are achieved. 

We are a preferred supplier of analytical chemistry support for other CRO’s and routinely offer GLP sample analysis as part of multi-site studies for field based mesocosm, residue and terrestrial ecotoxicology.

Why our customers choose us

  • Experienced scientists capable of supporting complex and bespoke studies.

  • Method development: from pure active ingredients to complex reaction products – we can deliver solutions for the most challenging analytical problems.

  • Method validation: in support of studies to international guidelines e.g. OECD, ISO, OCSPP, JMAFF, EPPO, IOBC and SANTE.

  • Customised analytical testing: from dosing or feasibility trials, to field surveys and R&D initiatives, we are here to help.

  • Commitment to a controlled and carefully planned execution of studies based on excellence in science and project management and offering advice to ensure the best study outcomes.

  • Bespoke testing

Our facilities

All our GLP laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical instrumentation for maximum sensitivity to reach the lowest detection limits for all molecular species in complex matrices.

Comprehensive Suite of Analytical Instrumentation:

  • Gas, liquid and ion chromatography

Detection systems:

  • Mass spectrometers

  • Flame ionization.

  • Electron capture.

  • Liquid scintillation counting.

  • UV/vis.



Sampling and injection:

  • Liquid, Headspace, Solid-phase microextraction

Detection capabilities:

  • High resolution (Orbitrap) identification of compounds at ultra-trace levels

  • Suite of Triple Quadrupole systems for LC-MS/MS targeted analysis.

  • EI, ESI and APCI

lab samples.

Structural Elucidation:

Orbitrap mass spectrometers:

  • In-line radiochemical and PDA detectors.

  • HESI and APCI ionization sources.

  • Mass range: 50 – 6000 m/z supporting small and large macromolecules

Compound Discoverer processing software:

  • Automated detection of unknowns and related compounds

  • Metabolite prediction

  • Comparison to spectral libraries

laboratory machinery.

Our Team

marina santos.

Marina Santos

Head of Analytical Chemistry

kathryn gerry.

Kathryn Gerry

Principal Scientist- Analytical Chemistry

tom hawkins.

Tom Hawkins

Senior Scientist- Analytical Chemistry

bryonny retter.

Bryony Retter

Study Director

david fazakerley.

David Fazakerley

Study Director

Monika Rakowska

Study Director

pete johnson.

Pete Johnson

Study Director


We can offer a wide range of study specific standard and non-standard species and study types.