bryonny retter.

Analytical Chemistry

Bryony graduated in 2018 with a MChem (Hons) degree in Chemistry from Cardiff University, and in this time has worked in GLP and GMP laboratory environments. 

Bryony has experience in method development, compound characterisation and development of testing plans with significant experience in LC-MS, GC-MS, NMR and ICP-OES techniques.  Bryony has also gained experience in accurate mass analysis of compounds and impurities, for supporting drug development projects.

Since joining Scymaris Bryony has gained experience in supporting dose verification of terrestrial ecotoxicology studies, and worked as a principal investigator in a number of multisite studies. Bryony has continued to enhance her LC-MS knowledge and experience and is progressing to undertake some Met-ID work in the near future.

Bryony was appointed as a study director at Scymaris in 2021.