marina santos.

Analytical Chemistry

Marina obtained her PhD in Chemistry in 2006 at the University of Central Florida (Fl, USA). Upon obtaining her doctorate, she was appointed as Senior Scientist at Merck & Co., Inc (NJ, USA) where she developed chromatographic methods and performed trace analysis in pharmaceutical products. 

In 2010, she moved to her home country, where she served as Head of Analytical Development and Process Control at the Institute of Industrial Technology in Buenos Aires.

Marina came to the UK with her family in 2016 and accepted a role in Domino Printing Sciences (Cambridgeshire, UK) where she led a team of scientists that provided analytical support throughout the different stages of ink development while ensuring compliance via the study of migrants from printing inks in food packaging.

At Scymaris, Marina leads a team of skilled scientists that provides high quality analytical chemistry services across the pharmaceutical, veterinary medicine, agrochemical and industrial chemical industries.