Analytical Chemistry

Monika has an MSc. Eng. in Chemical Technology from Warsaw University of Technology, where she graduated in Environmentally Friendly Materials and Technologies. She has over 10 years of experience in analytical chemistry, method development and validation in a GLP environment and with ISO standards. She has vast experience in quantitative trace level analysis of compounds of interest in complex matrices.

Monika’s work experience includes managing projects to support Environmental Safety and Human Safety studies and acting as Study Director in Contract Research Organisations across Europe, as well as in the United Kingdom. She gained extensive experience on methods of analysis for biocidal products to support dossier and for agrochemical residues studies, including crop trials, processing studies, at-harvest and decline trials. She was also conducting 5 Batch Studies and analytical testing of Drug Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies.

Monika joined the Analytical Chemistry team in Scymaris in 2022 and was appointed as Study Director in June 2022, where she provides support to ecotoxicology studies.