Severine Larroze.


Severine is an ecotoxicologist with over 10 years’ experience. She has an M-Phil from Brunel University in Environmental Toxicology specialised in amphibian endocrine disruption and has worked with Xenopus laevis for over 5 years including trials as part of an international ring test for the development of the OECD231 AMA. 

She has experience in acute tests with microalgae, invertebrates and fish in GLP conditions following OECD guidelines and has previously worked on long term studies with fish to test veterinary immunological substances as well as EFSA compliant studies. 

Severine has also worked with various sessile marine organisms under laboratory as well as field conditions.

Having worked in academia, research and industry using various research models, Severine is a versatile study director and is the author of several scientific articles and poster presentations.