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Scymaris warmly welcomes Emma Danby, Principal Consultant Scientist- Environmental Risk Assessment.

08 Jul 2024, Vicki Brook

Scymaris warmly welcomes Dr Emma Danby to the role of Principal Consultant Scientist- Environmental Risk Assessment.

Emma is well known through her role in supporting NC3R’s working group and from her previous roles both in CRO services and in industry, where she has built a strong reputation. Her prior experience also includes working across multi-disciplinary teams in human health and environmental science covering mechanistic safety science, exposure safety science and various global R&D support projects. Emma has a PhD from Cranfield University where she investigated the fate and effects of triclosan on soils receiving biosolids.

Emma’s role at Scymaris is focused on providing a deep level of scientific interaction with our clients and to be a primary driver of demonstrating and delivering on our goal of providing scientific excellence. As such Emma will support a broad remit including proposal development, scientific and technical discussions related to proposed and current laboratory testing needs and future laboratory testing strategies and capabilities.

Recent examples of Emma’s scientific focus include the introduction and validation of endocrine disruption testing program; an increased focus on biodegradation of microplastics and a focus on passive sampling/passive dosing for difficult to test chemicals and mixtures.