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Stay In Compliance with SANTE 2020/12830 Rev.2

31 Mar 2023

There has been a change regarding the approved guideline for analytical method validation. This has been updated to  SANTE/2020/12830 Rev. 2 which supersedes SANCO/3029/992 & SANCO/825/003

The Scymaris team have amended validation protocols in line with the new guideline to ensure studies initiated on or after this date will remain fully compliant.

This new update encompasses several changes and provides fresh guidance on the requirements for validation of analytical methods used in risk assessments.

Since the guideline SANTE/2020/12830 Rev.2 has already come into effect we would like to reassure you that we continue to be fully compliant.

Should you require any further information regarding this new guideline please do not hesitate to contact Glyn Horner or Magalie Ferbach, on 01803 659170 or by emailing us at hello@scymaris.com.

You can read the full guideline here: Guidance Document on Pesticide Analytical Methods for Risk Assessment and Post-approval Control and Monitoring Purposes1

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glyn horner.

Glyn Horner

Global Head of Business Development

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magalie ferbach.

Magalie Ferbach

Global Business Development Director

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