Happy International Women's Day 2023

Happy International Women's Day 2023

On International Women's day we celebrate women across the world and this year thefocus for #IWD2023 is ‘Embrace Equity’.

The InternationalWomen's Day’s 2023 campaign theme aims to get the people talking about why equal opportunities are not always enough. People start from different places, so true inclusion and belonging requires equitable action. You can read  more about this here.

At Scymaris,we are proud to embrace equity and inclusivity, and can currently state that 100% of our Heads of Department, 60% of our leadership team and 59% of our people across all of our scientific and support departments are women.

But International Women’s Day is not exclusively about women - it's about everyone working together to ensure everyone has what they need in order to achieve success. #Embraceequity.

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