Workplace Wellbeing with LifeWorks

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At Scymaris, we recognize that a thriving workforce is a cornerstone of our success. That's why we prioritize the wellbeing of our employees.

We've partnered with TELUS (formerly called LifeWorks), an industry-leading employee assistance program, to provide our team with an extensive array of resources designed to support them. TELUS provides professional counselling to wellness tools, and everyday perks as well as tools for practically recognising and rewarding our people for excellent work.

Prioritizing mental health isn't just about being compassionate—it's about smart business. Reduced absenteeism, increased problem solving and creative thinking, as well as improved team dynamics are just some of the tangible benefits we reap from providing this platform to every employee.

By utilising TELUS, we're not only demonstrating our commitment to the wellbeing of our team, but also setting the standard for a progressive, forward-thinking workplace. If you would like to join us in creating a work environment where every individual can professionally thrive take a look at some of our career opportunities below.