Endocrine Disruptor Testing with Scymaris: Expertise and Compliance

Since November 2018, any new active ingredients and those up for renewal must undergo evaluation for endocrine activity as part of the registration process in Europe.

Scymaris is a leading UK based laboratory which offers in vivo testing for non-target organisms, assessing endocrine activity, and our experts possess extensive experience in working with these guidelines.

Endocrine disruptor criteria are evaluated based on effects arising from estrogenic, androgenic, thyroidal, and steroidogenic (EATS) modalities. To assess potential activity for estrogenic, androgenic, and steroidogenic endpoints (EAS), Scymaris offers tests ranging from Fish Short Term reproduction assay- (OECD 229) and 21-Day Fish Assay (OECD 230). Additionally, for assessing both potential activity and adversity, MEOGRT (OECD 240) and OECD ZEORGT, as well as FSDT (OECD 234) are available. Thyroid activity (T) can be evaluated using the AMA and extended AMA (OECD 231 / modified), along with LAGDA (OECD 241) for assessing potential adversity. All tests are conducted in accordance with EU regulations under OECD and/or US EPA requirements (OCSPP/OPPTS), adhering to applicable Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Moreover, Scymaris offers non-GLP evaluations with customized scopes to address specific needs.

A full list of the current and upcoming studies available from Scymaris can be downloaded here.

The Scymaris campus based in Brixham, Devon, offers these studies either as standalone designs or as combinations of established test guidelines to meet precise requirements.