Reproducibility of the OECD guideline 241: the Larval Amphibian Growth and Development Assay.

Severine Larroze, Kelly Green, Richard Maunder

The Larval Amphibian Growth and Development Assay (Ref 1) is a level 4 in vivo assay of the OECD Conceptual Framework on Endocrine Disrupters Testing and Assessment and provides data on adverse effects on the hypothalamus pituitary thyroid and gonadal axes using the model Xenopus laevis.

The test was conducted at Scymaris, Brixham laboratory, UK.

The assay was adopted in 2015 with few chemicals tested during the validation process and little data on inter-laboratory reproducibility. So far, few studies have been conducted and few laboratories are able to perform this test. The aim of this study was to perform the LAGDA following the OECD 241 guideline to investigate the feasibility of passing the strict study validity criteria as well as the replicability of the test design.