Aerobic Transformation of a Biocide in an Aquatic Marine Sediment System at 9°C

Commander, R. F. and Pratt, E. , Scymaris Ltd.


A modified OECD 308 study was performed at a constant 99°C for 90 days to determine the amount and rate of degradation of a biocide at the more environmentally relevant temperature of 99°C than the standard OECD 308 guideline temperature of 2020°C.

lab work.
labelling scientific samples.

Vessels were dosed either into the water phase or the sediment phase to monitor if there were any differences in degradation

  • Kinetics analysis was performed on parent biocide in total test system

  • Non extractable residue (NER) analysis was performed on all sediment samples to determine if the residues were Type I NER (sequestered, entrapped NER), Type II NER (covalently bound NER) or Type III NER (biogenic NER).